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Saturday - Sunday

10am - 2 AM



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Here’s how It works!

First 4 weeks- Auditions Only- Pick Any Song to Showcase your Voice

September 25th ,October 2nd  ,October 9th ,October 16th


20 Contestants Per Audition-----Top 4 Move on to the Next Round

Three Judges---- Judges Pick the Top Three Contestants to move on
Audience-------Gets ONE pick (Friends/Family are Welcome to Vote--- Must be in house to Vote)



October 23rd----- Country Week ( must pick a country song to perform on 10/23)

Top 16 Contestants------ 14 Move On

(Judges get total of 12 picks-----Audience gets TWO Picks)

October 30th------ Pop Week ( Must pick a Pop Song to perform on 10/30)
Top 14 Contestants------12 Move On

(Judges get total of 10 picks-----Audience gets Two Picks)

November 6th------ Classic Rock Week ( Must pick a Classic Rock Song to Perform on 11/6)
Top 12 Contestants-----Top 10 MOVE On

(Judges get total of 8 picks------Audience get Two Picks)


November 13th   Performing TWO SONGS -----

Michael Jackson Tribute ( Must Pick ONE  Michael Jackson Song to Perform on

11/13 and one song of your choice)
Top 10 Contestants----Top 7  MOVE on

(Judges get a total of 5 Picks------Audience gets Two Picks)

November 20th  ---Performing TWO SONGS----

Any Song Choice ( Free Choice-  Both Songs You may perform any song of your choosing)
Top 7 Contestants----- Top 3 Move on

(Judges get a total of TWO PICKS)---- Audience gets ONE Pick


November 27th—Performing THREE SONGS! GRAND FINALE!!!!

Any Song Choice ( Free Choice- All Songs You may perform any song of your choice)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(FINALE WINNER will be chosen from combined votes of the audience & judges)




2nd Place- 100.00 Gift Card

3rd Place $50.00 Gift Card


Rules & Regulations

1. AUDITIONS - Judges will be present at the auditions. Judges & the Audience will choose the

top 16 acts based on the judging criteria (below). These 16 acts will advance to the next round.


2. JUDGING CRITERIA - Judging criteria will use a point scale & will grade performers on the

following areas:






TIME DEDUCTION (For going over allotted time): 5 PTS

3. The 16 acts chosen from the the live audition events will compete in the next round on October

23rd @ 8PM. All judges will be in attendance and evaluation of the performers will occur in

realtime with live feedback from each of the judges following each performance. The judges

will use the above judging criteria to select the top acts that perform. All audience members

will be given (1) paper ballot to fill out and drop into the ballot box prior to the end of the show.

The ballot entries will be tallied up and the act with the most votes will continue on to the next


4. PRIZES – The Grand Champion will receive $500.00 CASH, the Runner Up will receive

$100.00 gift card and the 2nd Runner Up will receive $50.00 Gift Card. Additional prizes may

be added prior to the Grand Finale.


5. TIME LIMIT – During the Auditions and Semifinals,acts will be allotted a maximum of FIVE

(5) MINUTES to perform per song. During the Grand Finale, acts will be allotted a maximum

of TEN(10) MINUTES to perform per song. During the Semifinals and Grand Finale, acts that

go over the allotted time limit will receive a 5 point (per scorecard) deduction. Further, acts

may may also be disqualified - at the sole discretion of the judges or Herndon's Idol staff.

6. ONE ACT ONLY - Participants may only perform in one act during any of the events.

7. FAMILY-FRIENDLY – Absolutely NO profanity or vulgar lyrics in any vocal performance.

NO nudity will be allowed. Keep attire at a respectable and tasteful level. NO alcohol, tobacco,

or drug advertisements are to be shown on any clothing. Violation of any of these rules will

result in immediate disqualification of the associated act.

8. SAFETY - NO pyrotechnics, open flames or any other dangerous additions.

9. GEAR / STAGE REQUIREMENTS - A sound technician, microphone(s), stage & lighting will

be provided. Acts MUST provide their own recorded music, instruments, props, etc., if needed.

Recorded music MUST be sent to at least 7 days prior to the

show date. Recorded music must be in an acceptable digital format (i.e. MP3 or WAV file). If

your act requires amps, drums, direct input boxes, etc. you MUST contact no later than 7 days prior to the performance to discuss. All bands

will use one set of gear on the stage during all performances. Absolutely no exceptions.

Provisions for different sets of gear can be made at the Grand Finale, please email to discuss.

10. PRIZE DISBURSMENT - Winners should allow 7 DAYS after the Grand Finale for prize

checks to be disbursed.


Rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Herndon Idol show organizers.

Herndon Idol reserves the right to exclude any performer or act that it deems will be

detrimental to the family-friendly environment of the show.

Questions? Contact